is a web site dedicated to the owner builder and do-it-yourself home improver. We want to document as many owner builder projects as possible... to give others inspiration and information to help them "Dare to be Different" and tackle their own project... whether it's building a chook shed or a family home.

You can create a free "blog" (weblog) online diary to record your owner builder project ­ for your own satisfaction, to keep friends and family up-to-date, and to help and inspire fellow owner builders.

Just register as a member of then go to the section called "Tell us about your project here". Hit the "New Topic" button and start writing! It's as easy as that. As a member you, and only you, will see an "edit" button each time your return to your posting. Just hit "Edit" and tack the latest update onto the bottom of your blog, then hit the "Submit" button to update it.

To add photos hit the IMG button that appears when you're editing your post, Type in the full URL (web address) of the images you want to include and they will appear in your post. First they have to be "online" somewhere. You can upload them to a site like "" or your own personal web space provided by your Internet supplier. If you have trouble with that, you can email your images to Murray Johnson at and he'll put them on your page for you free of charge.

Archive of owner builder projects

Murray and Natalee's muddie in central Victoria Jim & Cathy Duff's Alistair Knox muddie
Chas and Jude's "shed house" The Duckpond project near Melbourne
Neil and Elaine - 1950s Eltham pioneers Great diary of a Victorian mud brick project
A muddie in the city for $20,000 A corrugated iron house in Tasmania
A straw bale home in Heidelberg Building "The Ledge", USA
Feminist owner builders English owner builder project
Detailed photos of an American project Well-documented earthship project in America
Strawbale in the Canyon USA Home in Australia's Barossa Valley
New Australian mud brick projects Country cottage renovation in Silicon Valley
Victorian in Sparks, Nevada A project in Canberra, Australia
A simple $3000 cabin in the American woods 

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