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 Post subject: Re: Rammed Earth Journey
PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 6:51 pm 

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It has now been 7 years working towards this moment and finally it is here.......... I recently received my Occupation Certificate in the mail.......Woo hoo!!!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Leading up to the final inspection, I was super stressed worrying whether I had done everything, but in reality my inspector made it a very pleasant experience. He was very relaxed and seemed genuinely interested in my project. He had no issues with all of the things that were hand-made like windows and fire shutters (remembering that my project is based on 2008 codes) and was in no way critical about the unusual things like the timber slat flooring in the bathroom. I have used the Blue Mountains Council for my inspections and despite having many people say that I would have a hard time with them, I have found the process to be the exact opposite. Since I have been going for so long, I have had a different inspector for each stage so it is not as though I was just lucky with who came on the day. I think having a good understanding of the Building Codes, the council requirements and making sure that you satisfy every condition on your Development Application (whether you agree with all of them or not), all go a long way to making things go smoothly.

We have now spent a couple of weeks in the house and are well on the way to being completely moved in. What a great feeling!

Here are some pic's of some of the furnished rooms.

This is the living/dining area from the deck. The sun streams in at this time of year and it is sooo cosy...


The kitchen is almost complete...


...just a few drawer fronts and some shelves to go.

This is the view from the kitchen towards the deck...


...and lastly for now, the completed bathroom...


The temporary green curtain in the bathroom has been replaced with frosted film since I took this photo. Originally the bathroom was completely screened from the neighbours by trees but the bushfire has destroyed most of them. Until they grow back, I have put on a stick on frosted film that I can remove at a later date.

The other rooms have a little bit of finishing off to do so I will post more photo's once they are done.

It is really comfy with the underfloor heating. It is a little tricky to tune as I have so many different floor types and the hot water pipes are set at different depths, meaning that different rooms take longer to heat up than others and since they are all operated on one thermostat, you need to regulate the amount of water flow to each area to get them to balance. What works for one set of weather conditions does not work the same on a different day. Just fine tuning really.

The acoustics inside are amazing. Not at all echoey. It has a calming peacefulness even though it may be blowing a gale outside.

The earth floor is now very durable and I gave the inside of the rammed earth walls a light spray with Techdry breathable concrete waterproofing (that I had left over from my experiments on the garden shed) to make sure that there was no dusting.

Newman, we have been using the bathroom and shower for a couple of weeks and quickly found out that soap scum showed up really badly on the oiled slats. After a bit of research we have now changed to using a liquid soap and not only are the slat staying pristine, the glass shower screen is also staying clear. I recommend that for anyone with glass shower screens (or oiled timber shower floors for that matter :wink: ).

Hopefully there are still people out there to see this but even if not, I will keep updating this thread at least as a record for myself. When I get around to it I will try to post some pic's of the work I have been doing over the last few months getting ready for the final inspection.


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